Yoga Stick Figure Drawing Tool

Version 2.0

Software tool for yoga teachers to create posture images
for PC with Windows

Since 2019 / 01 / 01:

Unrestricted usage of the FlexMax software is now free of charge.

Please use this license key to enable unrestricted usage:


FlexMax originated from the needs of Yoga teachers. Time and again they need images showing body postures (Asanas) for course scripts, student handouts, yoga class minutes, or publications.

Shooting photographs is expensive. Producing good drawings is difficult. CDs with lots of Asana images are available on the market, but as a rule, they don't contain exactly what is needed in a particular context.

FlexMax solves this problem. It is the perfect tool for producing line-drawings of body postures. FlexMax is based on an Asana representation scheme used by T.K.V. Desikachar and other yoga teachers. This representation scheme combines good readability with easy drawing.

It's very simple ...

... to create a posture line drawing using FlexMax:
You move the mouse pointer to a body part and click on it. You drag the body part in the direction you want. You click and drag a few times, and all the body parts are where you want them to be.
Finally you put in the bend for the back - that's it!
Now you can copy the image to the clipboard and paste it into your document.


Some other things you can do with FlexMax:

Enrich your images with lines or rectangles
Add text lines containing instructions
Give FlexMax a partner

Combine several posture images and breathing instructions in a sequence


Saving and finding posture images - no problem with the FlexMax database!

You remember that in the past you drew the "Wheel" and stored it as "Chakrasana"? Just open the FlexMax database and enter "c" in the name column - now you see only those images whose names begin with "c". All drawings are listed by name and image so that you can recognize them immediately.

Showing body postures in your web page or sending them by E-Mail

You can store FlexMax postures in several graphics formats, so you can use them to illustrate your web page or to send by e-mail.